Tower Lights with CCTV

The ARC ST-VT1 tower lights have been specifically designed/modified with construction and event management in mind. Whilst the original model alone is superior to most on the market in terms of Lux (20 @ 100ft), noise levels 65Db, and fuel consumption 4 hours per litre, it also has several bespoke features.

The ARC ST-VT1 is fitted with PTZ HD camera’s that can be remotely controlled with full pan/tilt/focus day and night vision and send signals back over a range of 500 meters either to the ARC MSCP3 or another location. The units are very light to tow and can be physically handled/manoeuvred into place. The arrangement of the lighting swivels means that the operator can create a lighting pattern suitable for the environment.

These units are low carbon emission making them suitable for many locations. The VT-1 Security tower can be battery run backed up by a generator or rechargeable by mains making it silent but also suitable for indoor venues or where it is in very close proximity to the public.

Short or Long Term Rental Hire

Our Tower Lights are available for either short term or long term rental options hire. Please contact us here for more details.

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This solution offers you:
  • Lux (20 @ 100ft)
  • Noise levels 65Db
  • Fuel consumption 4 hours per litre
  • PTZ HD camera’s that can be remotely controlled
  • Full pan/tilt/focus day and night vision
  • Range of 500 meters
  • Very light to tow
  • Battery Powered