The World's Most Portable Full Body Scanner

The technology, based on ferromagnetic detection can be thought of as ferrous only metal detection. The large majority of items of interest e.g. knives, cell phones, guns etc., contain significant amounts of ferrous material.

The technology is entirely passive and so presents no health and safety issues to any subject being scanned. The ARC P200 Search Pole has been designed to be simple to set up, operate and intuitive to work with.

Safe, Discreet and Non-Intrusive Security Screening

The P200 is perfect for scanning large numbers of individuals at a wide range of events and occasions e.g. public buildings, public events, licensed premises and schools. Its portability, ease of use and reliability provides control and flexibility whatever the venue.

It can be used indoors and outdoors and can be set up by one person in less than a minute and is powered either by battery or mains. It does not require level ground and will operate on any static surface.

The unit can be quickly removed and stored in a robust carry case to be transported to the next search site ready for use. Although portable the unit is perfectly at home in a permanent location and mains powered if required. The P200 is a discreet, non intrusive system that is completely without health and safety concerns; it is a passive system which does not affect pacemakers or medical implants

Short or Long Term Rental Hire

Our ARC P200 self powered, All Round Metal Detectors are available for either short term or long term rental options hire. Please contact us here for more details.

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Secure planning for any event

Arc P200 All Round Metal Detection Offers:
  • Ability to detect very small contraband items from razors to needle s, which are often missed by alternative technologies
  • Advancements in the technology provides immunity to nearby metal doors and other metal objects
  • Full scan of t he entire body in a single walk by (approx. 40 people per minute)
  • Functions in vertical and horizontal positions to screen people and their belongings
  • Setup and begin screening within 60 seconds
  • Detec ts mobile phones (switched on or off) and anywhere on the person, even it concealed internally
  • Does not radiate or emit, making it 100% passive and safe for all individuals, including those with pacemakers or who are pregnant
  • Designed to operate in harsh conditions and treatment, both indoors and outdoors