Mobile Security Checkpoint

The Mobile Security Check Point (MSCP3) was designed and developed by ARC Event Solutions Ltd (ARC) to satisfy the demand for additional protection at major locations and Event venues. The increased demand was being driven by the growing risk of terrorist threats, and the increased number of weapons entering major events in the United Kingdom.

The concept, created and designed by ARC Event Solutions Ltd, follows five years extensive research alongside Law enforcement officers and counter terrorism experts.

Our products and services have been used at a number of the following Events; Sport Stadium, Rock and Pop Festivals, Street Fairs, Protest Marches, important Political Meetings and/or for control of sensitive installations. Tow able by 4×4 vehicle, deployed and ready to use in under 15 minutes. Footprint of approx 7m x 2.2m – height clearance of 3m.

ARC Event Solutions Ltd

Ideal temporary solution for VIP Areas at, Conferences, Concerts, Hi profile Weddings and Events, Night clubs, Theatres , Arenas, Building sites , Prisons, Schools, Hospitals, Airports, Dockside, Shipping Ports, Border Control, Military Locations and Buildings, Sensitive Film studios and Locations, Buildings, requiring ARC Event Solutions Ltd and, Data collection points.

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This unique and sophisticated Mobile Security Checkpoint, is available for purchase built to your entire specification. Please click here to request more details.

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Secure planning for any event

This award winning solution offers you:
  • Secure Operation Control Room
  • Secure CCTV Monitoring 24/7
  • Rooftop Observation Platform
  • Walk Through Body Scanners
  • X-ray Baggage Scanners
  • Biometric / Data Collection
  • Secure WiFi Cell Mesh Connection
  • Long-throw Sound/PA System
  • Daylight LED Information Screen
  • Built-in High Level Lighting & CCTV