Mobile Scanning Checkpoint

X-Ray scanning machine mounted and fully independently powered in a large van with operating staff cabin for travel – for use by import – export ports, points of entry/exit, private and commercial airfields, Logistics Companies loading centres, bonded stores, security services and others requiring site/service yard mobility or visiting spot checks.

Scanner unit can be sized to suit end use such as mail, sea container loading/unloading, private plane arrival/departure apron luggage checks, logistic loading/distribution centres, air freight, temporary border/boundary and staff checks. Anywhere, where the security check for drugs, money, arms, explosive or powders is required but a permanent installation is not practical or needed long term. If required the Mobile Scanning Vehicle can be supplied with walk thru body scanning unit and drug/explosive detection.

ARC Event Solutions Ltd

Can also provide other mobile or temporary static units equipped with suitable technology for working staff access/exit control, sensitive installations, electronic event ticketing and other situations where increased supervision is required.

Purchase Details

This unique and sophistacted Mobile Scanning Checkpoint, is available for purchase built to your entire specification. Please click here to request more details.

Secure planning for any event

This award winning solution offers you:
  • Secure Operation Control Room
  • X-ray Baggage Scanners
  • Biometric / Data Collection
  • Secure WiFi Cell Mesh Connection
  • Long-throw Sound/PA System
  • Daylight LED Information Screen
  • Built-in High Level Lighting & CCTV