Edesix Body Cameras -

Here at ARC we are Official suppliers of the Bodycam systems supplied to Law Enforcement and EM services Nationwide. Edesix Body Worn Cameras have been proven to deter aggression and protect those working on the frontline, whilst providing tamperproof evidence to secure convictions. Edesix Body Worn Cameras are robust, secure, user-friendly and are relied upon by Police, Prison Services, Security Teams and Emergency Services workers globally.

Body Worn Cameras increase the wearers’ safety, helping to diffuse aggressive and threatening behaviour whilst capturing evidential quality footage. The VB-400’s wide-angle field of view delivers the optimum first-person account of events, further supporting the conviction process.

Edesix Body Worn Cameras are considered an integral piece of equipment in many sectors including police & criminal justice, civil enforcement, emergency response, security and retail.


  • VB-400 can record for up to 12 hours ensuring it is always ready to capture evidential quality footage.
  • VB-400 delivers up to 2 minutes of continuous pre-recording, with a configurable pre-record period. Capture the moments that matter when used with Holster Aware™.
  • VB-400 is compatible with Bluetooth sensors such as Holster Aware™ to ensure footage is automatically captured in accordance with end user policy.
  • VB-400 can be configured by policy to start recording when other VB-400 cameras are activated within 10 metres.
  • VB-400 has an advanced, wide-angle 1080p lens, letting the wearer capture the whole picture as events unfold - even in low-light conditions to 0.1 lux.
  • Built-in GPS functionality provides information about camera location when evidence is captured.


  • HD Video
  • Dual Microphones
  • One Press Operation
  • Bluetooth Holster Sensor Integration
  • GPS and Wifi Enabled
  • Configurable Buttons
  • Simple Slider Switch
  • Rugged Design
  • Visable Status LED's