Aerial Drones

Local aerial surveillance is a key option for many events – using small drones fitted with cameras to send information back to a central control point. Piloted from a fixed point the drones can fly for up to an hour and the footage viewed live or recorded. The sophisticated software to control the drones includes a GPS tracking facility allowing the drone to be tracked in the event of it setting down. The drones have a failsafe setting which means that in the event of a power loss the drone will return to the point of take-off.

ARC Event Solutions Ltd

Our Drones can be used to track the route of vehicles to sensitive locations.

Short or Long Term Rental Hire

Our aerial drones are available for either short term or long term rental options hire. Please contact us here for more details.

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Our Drones Offer:
  • Up to 1 Hour Flight Time
  • HD Recordings
  • Live Streaming or Video Playback
  • GPS Tracking System
  • Built-in High Level Lighting & CCTV